Photo of Mike Lightsey

Research Fellow & Special Projects Coordinator, SSRC

M.S.S., Sociology, Mississippi State University

(662) 325-7960

Mike Lightsey currently serves as Special Projects Coordinator for the Social Science Research Center (SSRC). He has been affiliated with Mississippi State University for over thirty years in various administrative, professional and research capacities.

For twenty years he served as Operations Coordinator for the SSRC’s Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program (MASEP) where he directed projects related to strengthening of the state’s DUI Control System and participated in projects designed to improve the program.

During his tenure with the University he also served for two years as a Governmental Training Specialist for the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service and as Associate Director of the SSRC for administration for approximately four years. He has also served on numerous committees and boards associated with highway safety.

Lightsey has been actively involved in university and community committees/organizations. Over the years he conducted research in the areas of alcohol use/abuse, man-caused forest fires, and occupational aspirations of youth.

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