Photo of Jennifer Alberson

Project Coordinator, MASEP


Jennifer Alberson serves as a Project Coordinator for the Operations Unit of the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program (MASEP). Working closely with the Operations Coordinator, Alberson is responsible for the daily functions of the program which include data collection for over 11,000 program participants each year and scheduling and communications for over 100 program facilitators and assistant facilitators across the state of Mississippi. MASEP provides educational classes for first-time DUI offenders in over 50 locations across the state.

Alberson is responsible for processing all the enrollment data and generating MASEP reports for the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety. In Addition, to working with the MASEP program she also helps with the Seat belt project also centrally located in the SSRC facility. Alberson has been employed by the Social Science Research Center and has worked closely with the MASEP program for over fourteen years.

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