Photo of Dr. Gina Rico

Dr. Gina Rico Mendez is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Social Science Research Center investigating the connections between technological change, food security and governance and their implications for development, provision of public goods, transformations in public administration, and innovations for economic development.

Originally from Colombia, she earned her BA. in Political Science and MA in Habitat (Human Settlement Studies) from the National University of Colombia. She came to Mississippi State University to complete her doctoral studies in Public Policy and Administration as a Fulbright Scholar in 2012. While in Colombia, Dr. Rico Mendez worked at institutions like the United Nations Development Program, the Bogotá’s Fiscal Comptroller General Office and the Colombian National Electoral and Identification Organization.

Her professional experience includes policy analysis in various fields, sustainable livelihoods, project design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation. Regional experience includes Latin America, North America, and Africa.

Areas of work include but are not limited to: agriculture and food security; rural development; institutions, governance and peace building; gender; and ICT4D.

Dr. Rico Mendez’s curriculum vitae can be found here in English and Spanish.

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