Photo of Colleen Stouffer

Project Director & Research Fellow

M.S., Sociology, Mississippi State University

(662) 325-0470

Colleen Stouffer serves as Project Director and Research Fellow for the Social Science Research Center since 2008. Stouffer has conducted research on the social determinants of health among minority and vulnerable populations — with a particular focus on childhood overweight and obesity prevention, physical fitness, health education, and program evaluation. Her publications have appeared in journals such as the Journal of School Health, Journal of Health Disparities Research & Practice, Journal of Pediatric Nursing and Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association. She was Project Director for the Public Data Safety Lab (PSDL) which was established in 2007 in partnership with the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety. The lab in part assisted the State of Mississippi in meeting its Highway Safety Performance Plan by collecting, accessing, and investigating fact-based traffic safety records data (2014-2015). Stouffer was the PI on Project Fit America Evaluation Project funded by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation (2012-2014). Stouffer was part of the research team that conducted the parental telephone survey on Mississippi House Bill 999 regarding the upcoming sex education implementation (2011). Currently, she has joined the Office of Tobacco Control unit as a program evaluator for various programs around the state.

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