Chelsea Ellithorpe is currently serving as a Research Associate at Mississippi State University’s Social Science Research Center. Her research interests include social neuroscience and interpersonal relationships, including social networks research and research on love, attraction, and rejection. Chelsea received a M.S. degree in Social-Experimental Psychology in 2013 from Mississippi State University. She also graduated Summa Cum Laude with B.A. degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology in 2011 from Boston University. Her master’s thesis investigated the impact of friend and family opinions of one’s romantic relationship on dependence and relationship quality within the romantic relationship.

Beginning her research career in 2010 at Boston University, Chelsea has contributed to and gained experience with a variety of social science research pursuits. She has worked extensively in social psychology, developmental psychology, institutional research, neuroscience, visual sciences, cognitive psychology, and clinical psychology, applying a broad spectrum of methodologies and statistical analysis techniques. Chelsea has also worked as an Assessment Analyst II at Auburn University, where she provided support and expertise to academic and other campus units as they developed and implemented their own planning and evaluation processes. She assisted in the selection, administration, interpretation and use of institutional assessments related to student learning and the learning environment.

Chelsea is currently working as the Senior Lab Manager of the Social Relations Collaborative and is very committed to and enthusiastic about research. She values interdisciplinary research and employing unique methods and methodology in order to understand phenomena related to interpersonal relationships.