Photo of Bradley Long

Research Associate

Bradley Long is a Research Associate at the SSRC. He began his work at the SSRC during his time as an undergraduate student in the Family and Children Research Unit (FCRU) in February of 2012. After obtaining his degree, Long went to work as a Bilingual Staffing Coordinator to serve the community as a translator and coordinate job placements.

In October of 2017, Long returned to the FCRU to work on various projects, including the Child Health and Development Project: Mississippi Thrive! The project, funded by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA), seeks to improve the early childhood developmental health system in Mississippi. Long currently serves on two of the project’s subcommittees.

Long holds a B.A. in Classical and Modern Languages and Literature from Mississippi State University with a concentration in Spanish. After years of working with the underserved and vulnerable populations, he is interested in continuing his work with projects that will improve health, education, and cultural outcomes for Mississippi’s populations.

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