Photo of Billy Brister

Director for MASEP Operations

M.S.S, University of Mississippi

(662) 325-5520

Billy Brister serves as Director for Operations for the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program (MASEP). His duties include overseeing the day to day operations of fifty-five schools at forty-seven locations across the state of Mississippi. as well as the MASEP central office.. He is  responsible for long range planning for the MASEP program and monitoring legislation that could impact the program.. He also works with  various state agencies, law enforcement agencies, and municipal and justice courts. He assists with training for MASEP instructional staff and with programs conducted by the Mississippi Judicial College for judicial personnel. In addition, He  is a member of the Mississippi Association of Highway Safety Leaders (MAHSL). He is currently serving on the board of directors of Sobriety Trained Officers Representing Mississippi (STORM).  Prior to joining MASEP in October 2004, Brister had over 25 years of service with the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

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