Alberson, Jennifer – Project Coordinator
Bell, Laure – Project Coordinator
Breen, Lacey – Data Management Assistant
Brister, Billy – Director for MASEP Operations
Buffington, Anne – Technical Writer
Burns, Alan – Research Associate I
Dawkins, Willard “Chuck” – Alcohol Field Staff Specialist
Ellithorpe, Chelsea – Research Associate I
Falls, Alicia – Administrative Assistant I
Flannagan, Jennifer – Business Manager I
Grandfield, Laura – Wolfgang Frese Survey Research Laboratory Manager
Graves, Linda – Project Manager
Gresham, Kathleen – Project Coordinator
Harris, Colleen – Project Director
Hamby, Melinda – Administrative Assistant II
Hardin, Melinda – Data Management Assistant
Henderson, Bill – Assistant Director for MASEP Operations
Huell, Malcolm – Research Associate I
Lightsey, Michael L. – Special Projects Coordinator
Long, Lisa – Research Associate II
Love, Tiara – Research Associate I
Mann, Jean – Alcohol Field Staff Specialist
McCance, Blythe – Alcohol Field Staff Specialist
McClelland, Emily – Research Associate I
McCown, John – Research Associate II
Moore, Lisa – Accounting Assistant
Parrish, David – Senior Research Associate
Richardson, Josh – Systems Administrator
Robertson, Miranda – Graphic Designer
Shappley, Jodie – Administrative Assistant to the Director
Stebbins, Geoffery – Research Associate I
Stubbs, Lori – Office Associate
Stubbs-Richardson, Megan – Research Associate I
Valentine, Nell – Research Fellow and Project Coordinator for the Mississippi Tobacco Data Unit
Walker, Ben – Research Associate II
White, Carol – Office Associate
Wooten, Kathy – Contract and Grant Specialist