Photo retrieved from UNC Greensboro

Assistant Professor, UNC Greensboro

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, Mississippi State University

Dr. Somya Mohanty worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Innovative Data Laboratory. He is now an assistant professor in the department of computer science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Dr. Somya D. Mohanty received his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Florida State University and his doctorate from the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Mississippi State University. His doctoral research was focused on designing security kernels for distributed applications.

Somya previously worked as a Data Scientist/Systems Architect on the Social Media Tracking and Analysis System (SMTAS) project with the Innovative Data Laboratory at the Social Science Research Center. He designed system architectures capable of handling Big Data and developed algorithms to gain insights from the data in real-time. He also contributed to the server architecture design with the use of dynamic scalable components capable of handling large data influx (Big Data). The work involved in SMTAS also includes researching current advances in social media and data mining technologies.

Somya’s other research interests include information/network security, cryptographic protocols, content analysis, machine learning and distributed storage architectures.

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