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Dr. Morse’s areas of expertise lie in creativity, problem-solving and cognitive development. She has worked on projects such as textbook development for employee ability skills, a variety of research and evaluation in public school settings, applied research on gender differences in education issues and has been program manager for technical issues for the Mississippi Basic Skills Assessment Program, including the Mississippi functional literacy exam. Her professional experience includes senior research scientist, adjunct assistant and associate professor of educational psychology and coordinator (1993-1996) of programs in educational psychology. She is currently professor of educational psychology and coordinator, and maintains full membership in the graduate faculty. She is also a John Grisham Master Teacher. Recent publications include: Do Time Press, Stimulus, and Creative Prompt Influence the Divergent Production of Undergraduate Students? Yes, Yes, and No, Not Very Much, Sickle Cell Anemia and A Review of Neuropsychological Symptoms Endorsed by Individuals Reporting Loss of Consciousness (abstract).

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