Executive Director & Assistant Research Professor, Stennis Institute of Government

(662) 325-3328

Dr. Breen is Executive Director for the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development and Asst Research Professor in Political Science and Public Administration at Mississippi State University. Dr. Breen provides expertise in local and state government, human resources management, demography, survey research, methodology, and statistics. Dr. Breen combines his academic expertise with his public service and applied research talents to promote the health and well-being of the citizens of the State of Mississippi.

Dr. Breen received his Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Mississippi State University. His dissertation entitled, “Examining the intra-organizational differences among municipal employees: an empirical investigation of public safety workers in the municipal workforce”, serves as the foundation of his current research program, focusing on public safety employee motivation and disaster management response and recovery efforts in rural areas of the United States.

In the Political Science and Public Administration Department at Mississippi State University, Dr. Breen currently serves as an Assistant Research Professor, with primary teaching responsibilities for the Seminar in Public Administration Master’s Course (PPA 8013) and the Capstone Course (PPA 8983). Dr. Breen serves as the course lead and resource specialist for the Capstone Course, the final course in the MPPA program. He also serves as a methodology expert on two current dissertation committees.

Dr. Breen is an Honorary Research Fellow with the Social Science Research Center (SSRC), Mississippi State University. Bestowed in November of 2008, this honor recognizes his scholarly and grant-based achievements during his tenure at, and his continuing efforts collaborating with, the SSRC.

Dr. Breen has extensive research experience in a number of fields, including transportation, recently serving as principal investigator on a comprehensive transportation policy study for the State of Mississippi. His efforts were nationally recognized upon the completion of significant propane and natural gas studies, analyzing the impacts of converting municipal fleets to alternative fuels. Dr. Breen also serves on the Transportation Committee for the City of Starkville, only recently stepping down as chairperson.

During his over 20 years at Mississippi State University, he has had the opportunity to work with numerous groups including State elected officials’ offices, The Hearin Foundation, The Kellogg Foundation, Mississippi Economic Council, Mississippi Municipal League, Mississippi Association of Supervisors, Mississippi’s Division of Medicaid, Mississippi’s Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, NOAA, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Bower Foundation, among others.

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