Assistant Research Professor, SSRC

(662) 325-7127

Dr. Ben Porter completed his Ph.D. studying social psychology with a minor in data analysis at University of Houston. His graduate work examined how principles of Self-Determination Theory are associated with positive functioning within romantic relationship. While at University of Houston, he learned several advanced statistical techniques and was the teaching assistant for graduate statistics and structural equation modeling as well as teaching numerous sections of undergraduate statistics. His statistical work culminated in learning how to implement multi-level structural equation models which he used to estimate complex Social Relation Models.

After graduation, Porter began examining how exposures and experiences of military service affect the health and well-being of service members and Veterans. Porter continues to serve as a biostatistician and Head of the Veterans Health Research Area for the Millennium Cohort Study, the largest prospective cohort study of military personnel collected to date. Generally, his work has focused on Veterans within this study, but he has writing on an eclectic range of topics from PTSD to physical health functioning to psychometrics.

At the SSRC, Porter plans to continue to build and refine his statistical skills as well as pursue grant funding in his two areas of expertise: romantic relationships and military health.

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