Abernathy, Ty – Assistant Research Professor
Adams-Price, Carolyn – Ph.D., Life-Span Development Psychology, West Virginia University
Armstrong, Kevin J. – Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology


Baggett, Dorris – Childcare Outreach Coordinator
Baird-Thomas, Connie – Director-MHPRC & Associate Director-SSRC for Policy Studies
Bartkowski, John – Ph.D., Sociology, University of Texas at Austin
Beaulieu, Lionel – Ph.D., Sociology, Purdue University
Blair, Benjamin – Ph.D., Economics, Mississippi State University
Brauner-Otto, Sarah – Assistant Professor
Breaux, David – Ph.D., Political Science, University of Kentucky
Breen, Joseph “Dallas” – Research Fellow
Brown, Dustin – Research Fellow


Cappello, Carlo – International Research Fellow
Catelli, Giampaolo – International Research Fellow
Chi, Guangqing – Assistant Professor
Cosby, Arthur – Giles Distinguished Professor and Director
Cossman, Ronald – Research Professor
Costello, Humphrey – M.A., Political Economics, Duke University
Cross, Ginger – Assistant Research Professor


Doolittle, M. Larry – Ph.D., Forest Fire Science, University of Washington
Dunaway, R. Gregory – Ph.D., Sociology, University of Cincinnati


Edwards, Ann Kos – M.A., Anthropology, The City University of New York Graduate Center
Edwards, John F. – Ph.D., Coordinator of Laboratories and Assistant Research Professor


Fee, Virginia – Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Clinical Child Specialization, Louisiana State University
Frese, Wolfgang – Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Gabarrot, Mariana – Research Fellow
Gardner, Sheena – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Gill, Duane A. – Ph.D., Sociology, Texas A&M University
Green, John J. – Ph.D., Rural Sociology, University of Missouri-Columbia
Greenberg, Robert – M.D., University of California
Grimes, Paul W. – Ph.D., Head, Finance and Economics, Mississippi State University


Hanna, Heather L. – Assistant Research Professor
Harris, Colleen – Project Director
Haug, Ruth – Ph.D., History, Mississippi State University
Haynes, Stacy – Research Fellow, Assistant Professor


Jacquin, Kristine M. – Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Texas
James, Wes – Research Fellow


Koch, Karen – Ph.D., Clinical Pharmacy, University of Maryland


Ladd, Anthony – Ph.D., Sociology, University of Tennessee
Landrum, James W. – M.A., Sociology, Mississippi State University
Lee, Matthew R. – Ph.D., Sociology, Louisiana State University
Leib, Emily Broad – Senior Clinical Fellow, Harvard Law School
LeMay, Stephen A. – Ph.D., Transportation and Logistics, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Levin, Martin L. – Ph.D., Sociology, Johns Hopkins University
Lightsey, Michael L. – Special Projects Coordinator
Loewe, Ron – Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Chicago


Marszelak, John – Ph.D., Counselor Education, Mississippi State University
McClellan, Kate – Adjunct Professor
McDoom, Maya – Mississippi Delta Public Health Fellow
McMillen, David – Research Professor
McMillen, Robert – Associate Professor
McSeveny, Dennis R. – Ph.D., Sociology, Emory University
Millea, Meghan – Ph.D., Economics, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Mohanty, Somya – Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Morse, David – Ph.D., Psychometrics, Florida State University
Morse, Linda – Ph.D., Instructional Systems, Florida State University

Neaves, Tonya T. – Ph.D., Research Faculty, George Mason University


Otis, Larry K. – M.A., Education, University of Mississippi


Parrish, David – Senior Research Associate
Picou, J. Steven – Ph.D., Sociology, Louisiana State University
Porter, Jeremy – Ph.D., Sociology, Mississippi State University


Radin, Dagmar “Dasha” – Research Fellow
Ragsdale, Kathleen – Associate Professor
Ray, Melvin C. – Ph.D., Sociology, Iowa State University
Ritchie, Jarryl – M.A., History, Mississippi State University
Ritchie, Liesel. – Ph.D, Sociology, Mississippi State University
Robertson, Angela – Research Professor and Associate Director
Rosenberg, Nathan – Research Fellow


Schewe, Rebecca – Assistant Professor
Shaffer, Stephen – Ph.D., Political Science, Ohio State University
Shoup, Brian D. – Research Fellow
Sinclair, Colleen – Assistant Professor
Snow, Ronald W., Emeritus – Ph.D., Geography, University of Illinois
Southward, Linda – Research Professor & Coordinator-Family and Children Research Unit
Stanisevski, Dragan – Research Fellow
Stubbs-Richardson, Megan – Research Fellow
Swanson, David – Ph.D., Demography, University of Hawaii


Valentine, Nell – Research Fellow and Project Coordinator for the Mississippi Tobacco Data Unit


Weitzman, Michael – M.D., State University of New York, Syracuse, NY
Wells-Parker, Elisabeth – Ph.D., Psychology, Duke University
Wood, Peter – Ph.D., Sociology, Vanderbilt University


Xu, Xiaohe – Ph.D., Sociology, University of Michigan