Portrait of Charlie Schoemer

by Madeline Burdine

As the Social Science Research Center’s system’s administrator, Charlie Schloemer’s job could easily go unnoticed. Spending most of his time behind the scenes, Schloemer’s service is the source that allows all other employees to tackle their tasks.

In 1996, as the world around “.com” was surging, Schloemer graduated high school eager to get into the workforce. He attained Microsoft certifications and went to work for an IBM business partner, making his first of many stops in the workforce.

Schloemer’s experience expanded as his work moved from a timber management company, to running his own business for a while, and then to working within a telephone company.

Following a diverse experience within the workforce, Schloemer returned to academia to obtain a degree in mathematics with a minor in computer science from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Upon hearing of a job opportunity, Schloemer’s wife, who also works for the SSRC, relayed the opening to her husband, and he has served the SSRC for the past year and a half.

“It’s like trying to keep the trains on time,” said Schloemer when asked what his job entails. “If you’re doing your job right, nobody notices that you’re there.”

Schloemer’s days at the SSRC consist of ensuring the accessibility of all computers, networks, emails, and collaborations for employees both in the office as well as in their homes. When things are going as they should, his time is spent planning for unexpected disasters within the systems.

“I really enjoy working here. I love working with people and solving problems alongside the support and autonomy I am given,” Schloemer said.

When he isn’t planning or implementing systems management for the SSRC, Schloemer speaks of his love for music, mentioning the “family band” that he, his wife, and his daughter have inside the walls of their home.

As a multitude of groundbreaking work is done at the SSRC, Schloemer’s service can easily go unnoticed. However, he is, in fact, the medium that maintains the multitudes.

SSRC Spotlight: Charlie Schloemer
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