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The SSRC’s 2020 Annual Report is now available online. Read about our labs, projects, and accomplishments of the year at ssrc.msstate.edu/2020-annual-report/.

New Projects

Dr. Robert McMillen will serve as Principal Investigator for year 3 “Smoke-Free Policy Disparities and Outcomes in Rural Communities in Southern States.”  The University of Kentucky College of Nursing and National Institutes of Health are sponsoring this project.

Dr. Heather Hanna and Dr. Connie Baird-Thomas will serve as Co-Principal Investigators for year 4 of the “HRSA Early Childhood Developmental Health System: Implementation in a High Need State.” This project sees the SSRC working with the University of Mississippi Medical Center to improve child health by building a statewide system of early childhood development screenings and interventions. The project is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration and UMMC.

In the News

Dr. Colleen Sinclair was interviewed by the Sun Herald as part of a story on social media use. Read the article at

Dr. Colleen Sinclair was interviewed by NewsNation as part of a story on how to avoid online shopping scams. Watch the interview at

Dr. Colleen Sinclair and Dr. Megan Stubbs-Richardson authored a story for The Conversation on intimate partner violence. Read the story here theconversation.com/intimate-partner-violence-has-increased-during-pandemic-emerging-evidence-suggests-148326.

On the Horizon

Dr. Kathleen Ragsdale, Dr. Mary Read-Wahidi, an SSRC Graduate Research Assistant Robert Kolbila will present two posters during the online 2020 Global Food Security Conference. Ragsdale is the lead author and presenter on the poster, Fish4Zambia: Exploring food insecurity among fishing value chain actors at Lake Bangweulu, which will be presented on December 6, 2020.  Read-Wahidi is the lead author and Kolbila is the presenter on the poster, Exploring household-level hunger among smallholder farmers in Ghana’s Northern Region across three ‘hunger seasons’, which will be presented on December 6, 2020.


Long, B., Love, T., and Martin, H. (2020, November). Supporting Early Childhood Development: Turn Everyday Moments into Brain-Building Moments. Presented as a webinar via the Mississippi Parent Training and Information Center (MSPTI) for the Child Health Development Project: Mississippi Thrive!.

Porter, B (2020, November). Psychometric testing of the brief MSPSS and C-PTGI-SF. Presented at Canadian Armed Forces Directorate Research Personnel and Family Services, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Seitz, H. H., Robertson, M. N., Steen, J., & Buys, D. (2020, November). Development and pretesting of prescription opioid misuse prevention messages: Results and implications for practice. Paper presented at the National Communication Association 106th Annual Convention.

Seitz, H. (2020, November). Communicating for behavior change. Presented at the statewide quarterly training, Office of Nutrition Education, Mississippi State University Extension Service.

Publications & Reports

An article on estimating unconfirmed COVID-19 cases, authored by SSRC Research Scientist Ronald E. Cossman, Ph.D., and SSRC Research Fellow David Swanson, Ph.D., has achieved 300 reads on the MEDRXIV preprint site, according to Research Gate. “A Simple Method for Estimating the Number of Unconfirmed COVID-19 Cases in a Local Area that Includes a Confidence Interval: A Case Study of Whatcom County, Washington,” detailed a demographic method for estimating unidentified COVID-19 cases in a population-based on sparse and missing data.

SSRC Chronicles: November 2020
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