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Dr. Cindy Bethel, director of the STaRS laboratory, was named as one of the “World’s 50 Most Renowned Women in Robotics” by Analytics Insight magazine. The recognition comes in the magazine’s June 2020 edition. Read more about Dr. Bethel by following this link, www.bagley.msstate.edu/news/bethel-named-among-worldwide-leaders-in-robotics/.

In the News

Demographers and SSRC Research Fellows Dr. Ronald E. Cossman and Dr. David Swanson, revisited their April 14, 2020 estimate of active COVID-19 cases in Whatcome County, Washington, in light of the recent CDC announcement that there were 10 times more cases than reported. Using the new estimates, the researchers found that their earlier estimate was within the 95% confidence interval, or just six percent higher than the newly revised CDC estimates. The article is available at

Wolfgang Frese Survey Research Lab

The Wolfgang Frese Survey Research Laboratory is conducting a telephone-based survey on behalf of 4-County Electric Power Association. This probability-based survey includes opinions from 400 Association members randomly selected from over 39,000 members who receive their electric service from 4-County. The purpose of this survey is to measure members’ interest in subscribing to a 4-County broadband internet service if the Association built a fiber-optic broadband system that could provide internet services across 4-County’s existing infrastructure.

On behalf of the Mississippi Charter Schools Authorization Board and Mississippi First, the Survey Research Laboratory is conducting the 2020 Charter School Survey. This survey is a repeat measure of a survey administered last year. The survey respondents include approximately 250 parents who have a child attending a charter school and 400 parents who have a child eligible to attend a charter school, but not enrolled in one. The purpose of this project is to provide the members of the Authorization Board with a better understanding of parents’ attitudes and opinions regarding charter schools.

New Projects

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish has issued an award for the project, FishFirst! Zambia: Research for Development and Scaling Staple-Fish Products for Enhanced Nutrition in the First 1,000 Days of Life. FishFirst! Zambia is led by Drs. Kathleen Ragsdale (SSRC), Mary Read-Wahidi (SSRC), Netsayi Mudege (WorldFish Zambia), and Pamela Marina (University of Zambia). The award is for July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2023 and the project will be conducted at fishing camps/villages at Zambia’s Lake Kariba. FishFirst! Zambia aims to increase the quality and quantity of fish benefitting nutrition and food security for rural Zambians, particularly women of reproductive age (WRA, 15-49 years) and children under 2 years.


Dr. Ismail Yigit was recently promoted from Research Associate III to Data Analyst, Post-Doctoral Associate at the SSRC. He will work on the Child Health and Development Project: MS THRIVE! to understand the challenges around children’s health in Mississippi. Dr. Yigit will also assist other projects, such as the Mississippi KIDS COUNT project at the center.

Mississippi Thrive

The Child Health and Development Project. (2020). Interactive resource maps by county: pediatric clinics, health care specialists, licensed child care centers, and family resources [Interactive Maps]. Available at: mississippithrive.com/resources/resources-by-county-map/

In order to increase the number of families in the state engaged in daily talking, reading, and singing to their birth to 3-year-old children, Mississippi Thrive began a series of training sessions this month for 45 home visitors who are part of the Healthy Families Mississippi Program (the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting) program for MS. By the end of the training series, Home Visitors will have been trained in Brain Building: Supporting Early Childhood Development; Vroom for Home Visitors; Serve & Return: How to Build Young Children’s Brains; and Helping Families Create a Behavior Support Toolbox. Due to current pandemic safety restrictions, the Mississippi Thrive team converted in-person training material to live online trainings using the Zoom platform and features such as Polling, Break-Out Rooms, and Chat Box responses. During the month of June, twenty-nine home visitors and their supervisors, were trained and the content and new training platform were very well received.


Colleen Stouffer has created various training videos for the state-wide tobacco-free programs on using the data reporting system, TRAPS (Tobacco Reporting & Progress System). They can be accessed by all employees from the Office of Tobacco Control (OTC) on TRAPS.

Colleen Stouffer conducted a live virtual training session on TRAPS (Tobacco Reporting & Progress System) to the new statewide program, Rural Health on  6/3/2020.

Colleen Stouffer conducted a live virtual training session on TRAPS (Tobacco Reporting & Progress System) to the new Division Director for Youth Programs and others on  6/5/2020.

Colleen Stouffer conducted a live virtual training session on TRAPS (Tobacco Reporting & Progress System) to the new state-wide Quitline vendor, Optum on 6/23/2020.

Yigit, Ismail., Brown, D., Walker, B., Pellegrine, S., Baird-Thomas, C., Hanna, H., & Buttross, S. (2020). Perceived barriers to developmental screening among children ages 0-5: Results from a statewide survey of health care providers in Mississippi. Abstract accepted for virtual presentation at the American Public Health Association annual meeting.

Yigit, Ismail. (2020). Discrimination Against Minorities: Minneapolis Vs Gezi Park. Dr. Yigit was invited to deliver a talk on an Instagram influencer’s account on June 7, 2020 to an audience from Germany and Turkey. Dr. Yigit has delivered a talk about George Floyd protests by providing historical development of discrimination against minorities in the United States. He further highlighted similarities of George Floyd protests with Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, Turkey.

Publications & Reports

Dozier, M. E. & Porter, B. (Forthcoming). Prevalence of probably hoarding and associated consequences at the scene of Mississippi fires, 2009-2019. Journal of Public Health in the Deep South.

SSRC Chronicles: June 2020
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