Mississippi Center for Health Workforce (MCHW):

The Mississippi Center for Health Workforce was established in response to Mississippi’s shortage of highly trained health care professionals. For Mississippians to better understand the value of these trends, MCHW’s main objective is to impartially analyze the current status of the healthcare workforce in the state, project future demand for health services and health care based on changes in the state’s population, project demand for health practitioners and report recommendations on how the state’s health sector can meet those changing needs. The MCHW also focuses on issues related to the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals to underserved areas, rural regions, and populations in poverty. The MCHW collects data about Mississippi’s workforce, analyzes current and projected conditions and needs, and annually produces an assessment of the state’s healthcare workforce. The data collected plays a vital role in understanding the recruitment and retention of health care professionals in Mississippi. The Mississippi Center for Health Workforce (MCHW), based at Mississippi State University’s Social Science Research Center, is part of the Northeast Mississippi Area Health Education Center, which, in turn, is part of a state-wide AHEC program focusing on critical health-care issues.

It is the mission of the Mississippi Center for Health Workforce to collect, analyze and store Mississippi’s health workforce data. Also, it is the mission of MCHW to provide stakeholders with the evidence necessary to drive Mississippi’s policies associated with health care and health care professionals.

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