Mississippi Health Policy Research Center

The Mississippi Health Policy Research Center (MHPRC) is an interdisciplinary unit devoted to research on issues related to health, health services and health policy. Established in 2003, the center provides a rigorous and independent environment where unbiased policy analysis can be conducted. Scientists affiliated with the MHPRC examine critical issues confronting Mississippi and provide the public and political officials with evidence-based data to better inform public policy discussions and decision-making.

As the only research entity in the State devoted to health policy issues, the MHPRC is committed to its position as an independent and objective source of information about the state and its people. MHPRC staff is housed in the Mississippi State University’s CAVs Extension building located in Canton, MS.

What If We Were Equal

In conjunction with the Mississippi Institute for the Improvement of Geographic Minority Health (at the University of Mississippi Medical Center), the SSRC published What if We Were Equal: A Mississippi Health Assessment. The comprehensive document seeks to answer three questions:

What if Mississippians had the same health and health outcomes as the rest of the nation?
What if white Mississippians were equal to the nation’s whites? What if black Mississippians were equal to the nation’s white?
Essentially, what would it take for Mississippi to reach national norms?

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