Our People

our people

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Sujan Anreddy PhD

Assistant Research Professor
Portrait of Connie Baird-Thomas

Connie Baird-Thomas PhD

Associate Director, SSRC Policy Studies
Director, Evaluation and Research Group
Headshot of Cindy Bethel

Cindy Bethel PhD

Billie J. Ball Endowed Professor, Engineering
Director, STaRS Lab
Headshot of Devon Brenner

Devon Brenner PhD

Director, SSRC
Assistant Vice President for Outreach & Initiatives, ORED
Professor, Department of Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Education
Portrait of Art Cosby

Arthur Cosby PhD

William L. Giles Distinguished Professor
Director Emeritus, SSRC
Portrait of Ronald Cossman

Ronald Cossman PhD

Research Professor
Research Fellow
Headshot of John Edwards

John F. Edwards PhD

Research Professor and Director, Survey Research Lab, SSRC
Research Scientist, Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
Headshot of Sheena Gardner

Sheena Gardner PhD

Assistant Research Professor
Headshot of Heather Hanna

Heather Hanna PhD

Assistant Research Professor and Director, Systems Change Lab
Headshot of David May

David May PhD

Professor, Department of Sociology
Headshot of Robert McMillen

Robert McMillen PhD

Associate Director, Tobacco Control Unit
Professor, Department of Psychology
Headshot of Kathleen Ragsdale

Kathleen Ragsdale PhD

Research Professor
Director, Gender Impacts Lab
Headshot of Mary Read-Wahidi

Mary Read-Wahidi PhD

Assistant Research Professor
Co-Director, Gender Impacts Lab
Headshot of Gina Rico Mendez

Gina Rico Mendez PhD

Assistant Research Professor
Headshot of Angela Robertson

Angela Robertson PhD

Associate Director and Research Professor, SSRC
Coordinator of Research and Development, MASEP
Headshot of Holli Seitz

Holli Seitz MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor
Director, Message Laboratory
Headshot of Colleen Sinclair

Colleen Sinclair PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Director, Social Relations Collaborative
Portrait of Megan Richardson

Megan Stubbs-Richardson PhD

Assistant Research Professor
Co-Director, DS3 Laboratory
Headshot of Ben Walker

Ben Walker PhD

Assistant Research Professor