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The Social Relations Collaborative was founded at Mississippi State University in 2005. The lab was previously known as the Advanced Social Psychology lab, and in 2012 transitioned to be the Social Relations Collaborative after Dr. Rebecca Goldberg joined the staff. The lab then expanded beyond the Psychology Department, joining with the Social Science Research Center to foster interdisciplinary scientific research. Through inviting the perspectives of multiple fields – including, thus far, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Counseling, Marketing, Computer Science, Communication, Anthropology, Engineering, Human Sciences – the collaborative work provides remarkable insights into understanding human social behavior. Every field has its own ideas, and each a valuable contribution to make in answering today’s pressing questions. Accordingly, they adopted the name “Social Relations” from a famous interdisciplinary department once located at Harvard that fostered some of the founding members of the field.

As a result, the Social Relations Collaborative has grown into a large, energetic, and productive research lab composed of between 12-32 undergraduate and graduate research assistants. While the primary goal of the lab is to produce quality research to increase the body of knowledge on various topics within interpersonal relations (i.e., understanding how people relate to one another in a multitude of contexts), the secondary goal is to provide the students at Mississippi State University with the experience needed to be competitive applicants for graduate schools or research-related positions. So far, the lab has produced over 100 conference presentations, won multiple awards (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Research Award, SPSP Undergraduate Travel Award, OGS Summer Research Program for Underrepresented Minority Students, Psychology Scholar Award, etc.), and has a high success rate for graduate school admissions (90% success rate).

The Social Relations Collaborative conducts research on how to improve social relations, including conducting studies on a wide array of topics. If it can help improve positive interpersonal interactions and decrease negative relations, they are interested.  If you are interested in research on interpersonal relationships, social influence, intergroup attitudes, or interpersonal aggression, you have come to the right place.

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