June/July 2022 Chronicles

New Projects Dr. Sheena Gardner will conduct an evaluation for the Madison County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court. Dr. Gardner will be responsible for evaluating the implementation of the After-School Program and providing performance measure data required by the Office of Justice Programs. Dr. Sheena Gardner will serve as Principal Investigator for the “DYS Annual Report”… Continue Reading June/July 2022 Chronicles

April 2022 Chronicles

Awards & Recognition Emile Creel and Bethany Deuel received an Award of Excellence at the Public Relations Association of Mississippi state conference for work on the SSRC’s 2021 Annual Report. Read more at https://bit.ly/3KONk9s.       Sarah Dulaney competed in the undergraduate three-minute thesis competition during the Mississippi State University Undergraduate Research Symposium and… Continue Reading April 2022 Chronicles