October 2022 Chronicles

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Read our Annual Report! It covers all of the updates and activities for the 2022 fiscal year. Online at https://issuu.com/msstate.ssrc/docs/2022ar_final_11.08.

A new website launched for our Rural Education: Research and Initiatives lab. Find details on the team, current projects, and contact information at reri.ssrc.msstate.edu/.  

Awards & Recognition

The PROMISE Initiative was selected as the 2020 USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Partnership Awards winner in Category III: Innovative Programs and Projects. Dr. Holli Seitz of the SSRC is a part of the PROMISE team, which is led by Dr. David Buys.

Project Updates 

Acting as the self-assessment specialist for the USAID-funded Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish, Dr. Gina Rico Mendez facilitated a series of workshops during the three days of the Management Entity and Management Partners annual retreat at the University of Rhode Island. The purpose of these sessions was to support the team in their efforts to reflect on lessons learned from implementation and support the team’s efforts towards strategic thinking for future programming. 

The Education Policy Fellowship Program has named new fellows and began this year’s activities. Dr. Devon Brenner and Amanda Tullos coordinate the program. Read more at ssrc.msstate.edu/2022/10/31/msu-ssrc-announces-new-mississippi-education-policy-fellows/.

New Research Fellows

On November 1, the center inducted the newest cohort of SSRC Research Fellows. Read about these 11 new fellows on our website at ssrc.msstate.edu/2022/11/08/research-fellows-introduced/


Presentations & Conference Participation

Brenner, D., Eppley, K., Parton, C., Kuehl, R. (October, 2022). Reading rural: Building community, agency, and creativity in literacy classrooms. Presented at the annual meeting of the National Rural Education Association. Green Bay, WI.

Long, D., Leigleter, E., Outlaw, D. & Brenner, D. (October, 2022). Rural STEM teacher preparation and retention: Lessons learned from 3 NSF projects [Symposium]. Presented at the annual meeting of the National Rural Education Association. Green Bay, WI.

Miller, N., Tullos, A., Alley, K., Odum-Smith, K., & Brenner, D. (October, 2022). Partnership Middle School: A unique rural school-university collaboration [Panel discussion].  Presented at the annual meeting of the National Rural Education Association. Green Bay, WI.

Rico Mendez, G. (October, 2022). Research and Learning of the McGovern-Dole School Meals Program in Africa. Invited Oral Presentation. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual meeting (FNCE).

Rico Mendez, G. (September, 2022). Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish: Presentation of Self-Assessment Results. Oral Presentation delivered to members of the Fish Innovation Lab Management Entity and Management Partners. The University of Rhode Island. Kingston, RI.

Publications & Reports

Brenner, D., & Eppley, K. (2022). Team Meeting: The Whippoorwill Award winners: Middle grades and young adult books show the diversity and richness of identities in rural settings. Voices from the Middle, (30)1, 49-51.

Hanna, H., Poole, C., Long, B., et al. (September 2022). Recommendations from Child Care Providers for a New Mississippi Child Care Quality Support System. An Executive Summary report written for the Mississippi Department of Human Services by the Quality Support System Convening Team containing recommendations from a Mississippi Child Care Provider Recommendations Team. 

Kleese, N., Eppley, K., & Brenner, D., (2022). The Whippoorwill Award criteria: Analyzing representations of rural in middle grade and young adult literature. The ALAN Review, 50(1), 56-66.

Okafor, M. I., Seitz, H. H., Downey, L. H., & Buys, D. R. (2022). Formative research to inform COVID-19 vaccine education in Mississippi. Journal of Public Health in the Deep South, 3(2).