September 2022 Chronicles

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Project Updates 
The “Research and Learning of the McGovern-Dole School Meals Programs in Africa” project concluded over the summer. The project’s final presentation, executive summary, final report are all available online. Learn more about the project, and its products at

In the News

Dr. Devon Brenner was part of the recent Rural Education Summit, held at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center on Aug. 26, which officially launched the new Center for Rural Education. The event was featured on the Virginia Tech website at

A team of SSRC and other MSU researchers presented data to the Mississippi Senate Study Group on Women, Children and Families. To read more about their presentation, visit

News coverage of the event included
30 Second Abstracts
Hear from Dr. Holli Seitz about her new article in Health Communication.
To read the full article, visit

Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program

Billy BristerDr. Blythe McCance, and Chuck Dawkins attended the Mississippi Municipal Court Clerks conference in Oxford Sept. 21-23. 

The Wolfgang Frese Survey Research Laboratory

On behalf of research faculty in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University, the Survey Research Laboratory completed a survey of general health and access to healthcare for both in-person clinical appointments and telehealth. This telephone-based survey included a representative sample of 300 adults residing in rural Mississippi. The purpose of this research is to better understand the demographic characteristics and health conditions of the patient group that can most benefit from expanded telehealth services. 

Spotlight Story

Learn more about Kayla Hopper, a graduate research assistant with MASEP’s research and development team in our latest spotlight story. Read at

Presentations & Conference Participation

Armstrong, K. J., Paul, M. (Sept, 2022), Cross-Referrals between Psychologists and Professional Clergy: Practical and Ethical Issues. Panel Presentation with Kevin J. Armstrong, Joseph Currier, Albert Bisson, Bev Smallwood, Neil Tullos, and Lynwood Wheeler accepted at the annual meeting of the Mississippi Psychological Association, Hattiesburg, MS. 

Brenner, D., Elmore-Staton, L., Hanna, H., Hardman, A., Parker, J., Poole, C. State of the State: Mapping out the importance of policy solutions for Mississippi’s mothers, children, and families.  State legislative hearings convened by the Mississippi Senate Study Group on Women, Children, and Families, Jackson, Mississippi, September 27, 2022.  

Mary Read-Wahidi and Kathleen Ragsdale were invited by the Resilince and Food Security Community of Practice to present “Using the GRADA to assess Gender Responsive Agricultural Development across IL Projects” as an example of gender integration within the Soybean and Fish Innovation Labs at their Summer (Back to) School series for USAID employees. This was a remote webinar with around 40 USAID attendees primarily in Washington DC.

Publications & Reports

Seitz, H. H., Robertson, M. N., Steen, J., Dulaney, S., & Buys, D. (2022). Development and pretesting of prescription opioid misuse prevention messages: Results and implications for practice. Health Communication.

Robertson, M. N., Seitz, H. H., Downey, L. H., Hardman, A., Steen, J., & Buys, D. (2022). Increasing uptake of prescription drug take-back boxes: Eliciting preferences and applying the theory of planned behavior to predict use. Health Education and Behavior.

Walker, B. H., Brown, D. C., Walker, C. S., Stubbs-Richardson, M., Oliveros, A. D., & Buttross, S. B. (September 2022). Childhood adversity is associated with poorer health: Evidence from the U.S. National Survey of Children’s Health. Child Abuse & Neglect, 134, 105871. doi: