Facilitation for Advanced Collabortive Solutions

The Facilitation for Advanced Collabortive Solutions (FACS) is designed to enhance communication in group settings to allow for a greater level of group participation and collaboration.

The facilitation capabilities of the FACS allow for outreach to communities at all levels. With a computer-based facilitation enhancement, focus groups can be conducted through the FACS with community leaders as well as members of the community whose opinions might be missed in traditional focus groups. FACS interactions can be also conducted anonymously. In this way, community problems or conflict situations within communities can be raised and addressed in collaborative group processes.

In addition to its capacity for problem identification, the FACS allows for group generation of potential solutions. Group members can brainstorm instantaneously, greatly expanding the ability to generate new ideas and encourage “outside-of-the-box” thinking. This presents a multitude of options for groups when pursuing resolutions to issues.